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Steven Granados

Firm Credit Solutions, Huntersville NC

“It has really helped me build my business credibility.”

Hello, I’m Steve Granados and I just wanted to thank the Business Finance Suite for helping me out with my business and it has really helped me build my business credibility so I wanted to say thank you for that, for taking me step by step through the process so I can get some funding as well so thank you very much.

Edward Araujo testimonial

Hello, my name is Edward Araujo from El Paso, TX.

"I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how happy and grateful I am to have found the business finance suite."


Cheryl Risner testimonial

My name is Cheryl Reisner with Resources. I'm located at Shreveport, LA. 

"I was a bank lender in the past and I thought that I knew all about financing and lending options that were available for businesses."


Brian Fleming, Spring Hill 

Financial, Mount Laurel NJ

Hello, my name is Brian and I wanted to let everyone know that -

"Hey, this is a very good product with business credit and financing suite. I received great, great service from my financial coach that also walked me through the funding that my business could be approved for."


James Harris testimonial

Hi. My name is Jim. 

I'm the owner of Morning Star Disability, which is a disability firm. I'm actually recording this video testimony as you see, here at my home office.